New Osaka

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3X Game Studio – Website

Introduction: Welcome to New Osaka, a game where 1 to 4 players runs an organization vying for control. Build mechs, buildings, & defenses, produce resources, use research labs to earn new tech, and fight off various monsters, including a giant final boss at the end of the game. Will your organization come out on top in defending New Osaka? Time to see if you have what it takes!

Background: In the year 2055, a Great War raged across the globe against the vile forces of Max Von Fury. Max was a mad genius bent on taking over the world with his AI infused robotic creations. He very nearly succeeded. Allied forces discovered his home base in the Old Osaka Prefecture of Japan and that was where Max’s last stand took place, destroying much of Old Osaka in the process. In his defeat, his final act of defiance was to open portals to another dimension within Neyagawa, Yao, and Ikoma, unleashing great monsters into our world. After a time, other portals started appearing in various nations, small at first, but slowly getting bigger.

Now, major organizations fight for control over New Osaka, the great bastion standing against the first major source of the monsters. Whichever group proves they have what it takes to defend New Osaka against the monster threat will earn major contracts around the world when the other portals start becoming a threat. Untold power and control awaits the organization that proves itself worthy!

Gameplay: You have ‘motor cars’ and characters you use to activate buildings on the map. You have battle mechs you can move around to take over research stations and take on monsters (rolling dice to beat the monster level). Beating monsters produce special resources and points. And you also have production mechs that you can move to factories to produce resources that let you upgrade buildings, mechs, and earn points. The final round, all players fight a giant monster. Players generate points for how they do all of these actions and the player with the most points wins.

—description from the publisher

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Ankh: Gods of Egyp

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CMON – Website

Play as a god of ancient Egypt, competing to survive as society begins to forget the old ways, so that only you and your followers remain.

Build caravans, summon monsters, and convert followers in your quest to reign supreme in Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Deities, monsters, and the people of ancient Egypt have been lovingly reimagined and interpreted in beautiful illustrations and detailed miniatures, and players will truly feel like gods as they shake the very foundations of Egypt. All gameplay in Ankh, including combat, is streamlined and non-random. Compete and win solely on your godly wits alone.

—description from the publisher

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Out Of My Mind Games – Website

Starlight is a narrative-driven cooperative tabletop game for 1-4 players set in the Draconian System. You and your friends are close to completing your pilot training when an unknown enemy attacks and destroys your home planet. You manage to escape and find yourself guarding the last remaining refugee ship. Throughout Starlight you fight in epic space battles, upgrade your ship and explore the fringes of space. But questions still remain: who attacked you, what do they want and will you be able to help rebuild the Medellian civilization?

Starlight is an epic cooperative game that is built upon four pillars of gameplay: Space Exploration, Space Combat, World Exploration and Pilot/Ship Customization.

—description from the publisher

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Cephalofair Games – Website

Frosthaven is the story of a small outpost far to the north of the capital city of White Oak, an outpost barely surviving the harsh weather as well as invasions from forces both known and unknown. There, a group of mercenaries at the end of their rope will help bring back this settlement from the edge of destruction.

Not only will they have to deal with the harsh elements, but there are other, far more dangerous threats out in the unforgiving cold as well. There are Algox, the bigger, more yeti-like cousins of the Inox, attacking from the mountains; Lurkers flooding in from the northern sea; and rumors of machines that wander the frozen wastes of their own free will. The party of mercenaries must face all of these perils, and perhaps in doing so, make peace with these new races so they can work together against even more sinister forces.

Frosthaven is a standalone adventure from the designer and publisher of Gloomhaven that features sixteen new characters, three new races, more than twenty new enemies, more than one hundred new items, and a new, 100-scenario campaign.

In addition to having the well-known combat mechanisms of GloomhavenFrosthaven will feature much more to do outside of combat, such as numerous mysteries to solve, a seasonal event system to live through, and player control over how this ramshackle village expands, with each new building offering new ways to progress.

Characters and items from Gloomhaven will be usable in Frosthaven, and vice versa:

As revealed during PAX 2020, Frosthaven will be interchangeable with the original Gloomhaven board game. To an extent, anyway. Namely, you can use Gloomhaven’s characters in Frosthaven and vice versa. What’s more, some of the first game’s items will become available throughout the sequel.

Frosthaven has a whole new set of items but there is a mechanic for bringing items over from ‘Gloomhaven’. However, as it is a remote location, these products get imported and are not there as standard. Resources are much more valuable and you have to build items through a crafting system rather than just buy them.

—description from the publisher

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Sanctorvm  is a cooperative Sci-Fi horror game for up to 6 players. There are two ways to play Sanctorvm:Adventure Mode (2 to 6 players): This mode has a massive RPG campaign (15 sessions, minimum of 4 hours per session) with narrative and action missions. One player will play as the Overlord, while the others play as La Familia, our heroes. Develop your character, find the best weapons, and work together to survive the colony menaces as you advance in the Overlord’s plot.

Mission Mode (1 to 6 players): This mode only has action missions (1 hour per mission) to be played in a single session without need for an Overlord.

Type: Thematic, Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror, and Co-op
Number of players: 1-6
The time required: 4 Hours per session (Adventure Mode) & 1 Hour per mission (Mission Mode)
Recommended ages: 18+

The players will embody La Familia, six superhumans on Colony 401, experiments of an old fanatic named Dr Rabidus. You have to overcome the challenges and trials of the abyss, survive hellish creatures born of a mysterious virus, and escape the yoke of four powerful factions. Cooperate with your friends and other allies, evolve your Homo Superbe, and overcome the narrative challenges that could decide your path and end of the story.

Welcome to Sanctorvm, or not…

Sanctorvm is a board game in which one player gets to be the master and Overlord of the adventure while up to five players assume five characters (Homo Superbe/La Familia).
During every game, the players must fight dangerous creatures and make choices that may change the story. They will also acquire gear, upgrade abilities, and try to survive through the story that the Overlord develops.
Sanctorvm uses a unique dice-based system. Every character gets a number of action dice based on the required ability and their homo superbe powers which they use to get through battles and struggles in the narrative.
With double-sided tokens, different card combinations, and an immersive lore-rich adventure with countless options, Sanctorvm teleports players to a frenetic, violent kingdom where La Familia must fight together to survive.
The goal of the game is basic survival, along with developing your character and creating strategies alongside your partners to succeed in different missions. In the Adventure Mode, there are different scenes where the players will have to choose sides, changing the game and making every session unique.

—description from the publisher

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Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game

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CMON Limited – Website

Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game is a standalone game in the Zombicide franchise based on the George A. Romero movie of the same name.

In Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, players take on the role of the movie’s main characters, holed up in an isolated house while the dead come to life all around them. The original movie sees the few survivors hunkering for safety in the house as the ghouls (as they’re called in the film) pose a continuous threat from outside. It’s a tense psychological thriller full of gritty moods and dark themes, but the game lets the survivors take the fight to the hordes of the undead.

—description from the publisher

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Dawn of Madness

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Diemension Games – Facebook

ou have awoken in a world that can’t possibly exist. Everywhere you look you see some fresh nightmare; some new perversion of reality. You don’t remember how you got here. In fact, your mind feels as though it has shattered, its fractured memories scattered in the wind. Despite this, you see hints of your past all around you, glimmers of the familiar tormenting you amidst the twisted, fluctuating landscape. What’s worse, though, is that as you stumble through this place you realize you are not alone. There are monstrous, impossible beings shuffling and slithering and skittering toward you, hideous beyond all comprehension. Their most disturbing aspect, however, isn’t the abject terror they exude. It’s that you recognize them.

It’s not long before you discover there are other people here, too, wandering through this fever dream with you. They seem as lost, as scared, and as broken as you are. If you want to survive this place and escape, then you will have to band together with them, setting aside your differences and distrust to push back the oncoming torrent of seething corporeal chaos. Because otherwise you won’t just die: your very essence will cease to exist.

Dawn of Madness is a story-driven cooperative game of survival horror for 1-4 players. Set in the same universe as the breakout hit board game Deep Madness, Dawn of Madness is a completely standalone, unique, and terrifying gaming experience. During the game players will assume the role of wanderers trapped in a feverish hellscape, surrounded by the distorted echoes of their own history. As one of these wanderers, you must seek to discover what led you to this horrific world, struggling to survive as your and your fellow players’ stories unfold across multiple chapters in an ongoing campaign.

Experience true horror unlike any board game before as you are immersed in stories of terror and madness, using the amplified powers of your mind to survive and fight back against the encroaching aberrations out to devour you. Bind your consciousness to other players’ in order to accomplish difficult tasks, and earn coda cards and memories to boost your abilities while uncovering your past. All the while you will be gathering story points toward one of the multiple endings for each wanderer, and in the campaign’s epic finale the wanderer – and the ending – with the most story points will spawn their respective terrifying, relentless final boss.

The choices made throughout a chapter – and even the order those choices are made in – influence almost every aspect of the game, ensuring that no playthrough will ever be exactly the same. Adding even more variety, danger, and tension are the chapter-agnostic mini bosses and their distortions who plague each game in unique and changing ways, summoning vortexes of energy to alter the course of play and bring fresh dangers with every round. And all these challenges don’t even include the malformations: alternate versions of the wanderers themselves, each one increasingly more corrupt than the one before, and each one able to take players into the darkest recesses of their comrades’ souls.

Hearkening back to survival-horror classics like Silent Hill, The Evil Within, and Alan Wake, Dawn of Madness is a mind-bending, psychological experience unlike any other attempted in a board game. So gather your wits and steel your nerves for a trip into other universes and the depths of the human consciousness. Sometimes, the greatest horrors of all lie within.

—description from the publisher

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Arena Colossei

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OrcoNero Games – Website

Arena Colossei™ is a miniature game by OrcoNero Games, set in ancient Rome. Choose your favourite combat technique and make your gladiator fight! The game can rely on three great features: amazing miniatures, an original and extremely competitive gameplay, historical accuracy at its highest level for what concerns this specific topic.

The game is divided into rounds. To begin with, each player must select which cards (minimum 1) he will play during the current round. Each card represents specific moves and maneuvers the gladiators can perform. The original FightHex system integrate all the information about direction, armor and line of vision directly on the miniatures’ bases!

The round begins: the players must choose, alternatively, which move their gladiators will perform, trying to predict and counter the opponent’s movements at their best. At the end of each round all the cards will be refreshed.

As soon as two miniatures are in contact the fight beings! Use the tiles to defend or attack a specific zone of the gladiator: block the enemy’s attacks and penetrate his guard. In this phase, predicting where your opponent is going to hit and where he will parry is essential! If your opponent’s defense tile does not match your attack tile… your attack is a success, pull out a damage token from the bag!

On the Favour of the Public track, there is a token called Summa Rudis. Both if you penetrate the enemy’s guard or block his attacks, move the token towards your side. Either if the token Summa Rudis reach the last position on your side of the track, or at the end of the 15th round the Summa Rudis is on your side of the track, you win!

The game can be played in two modalities: Duel (1 Vs 1) and Melee (2 Vs 2). Moreover, each type of gladiator has three levels of experience with special moves and techniques!

—description from the publisher

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Rate 8.3


Ankama Games – Website

History is full of secrets…

As they explore an ancient Egyptian tomb, a team of archaeologists and adventurers stumble upon a mystery that History forgot. To uncover the truth, they will have to delve deeper and deeper in the pyramids, dodging deadly traps and fighting back swathes of monsters running after them. Has the old Pharaoh placed a curse on this expedition? Should some secrets remain untold? This story is now yours to complete…

Arkeis is a cooperative, story-driven, campaign game with minis set among ancient Egyptian ruins.
Each player takes control of an adventurer as they explore a modular board.
Players have up to two actions per turn: search, move, assist an ally or fight one of the numerous dangers waiting for them in the tombs! The results of their actions can be altered by the equipment and character upgrades they earn during the campaign.
They can push their luck at the risk of being cursed or suffering lasting traumas from injuries!
Each character has their own backpack to store their items (and curses) between adventures.
Each scenario has objectives that the players will try to accomplish during the game to earn rewards in the form of key items and upgrades that influence later scenarios.

It will take a team of skilled players to reveal all of Arkeis’s secrets!

—description from the publisher

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D.E.I. – Divide et Impera

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Ludus Magnus Studio – Website

D.E.I. (Divide et Impera) is a game of exploration and survival set in the Earth devastated by a new ice age.
The cities of the future, from the crucible of civilization, have become icy deserts dotted with the carcasses of skyscrapers now reduced to uninhabited rubble.
Between alleys of old London, bands of survivors use their abilities to explore and plunder the scarce resources that are left, to sell them to the Pure Caste in exchange for food and fuel.
The only ones who still have high technology, the Pure Ones are the elected heirs of the old civilization. Protected by fortified citadels, they manage the bands of survivors, helping them in their research or putting them in competition, so that they cannot ally and threaten their domains.
In D.E.I. each player will control one of the four bands of Survivors, and they will be competing with each other for the wealthiest loot to trade with the Pure Caste. They will have to explore London on two levels, between the streets and on the roofs of the old buildings, to look for the precious resources of the past era coveted by the Pure Ones: Technologies and Energy cells.
Each faction will start with 8 cards, a Hero and few Explorers, but during the game it will be possible to acquire new action cards from London black markets, building new structures such as bridges and elevators, and obtaining temporary control of the hi-technological Drones that the Pure Caste will give to them.
The game map is completely modular and three-dimensional so that every game of D.E.I. is always different and compelling.
The explorers will often be able to contend for territories for resources and to have greater influence in the markets, and therefore, the fighting will be inevitable.
Also, during the games, the players will have to solve missions of increasing difficulty, which will grow their victory points.
The survivors’ gang that earns the most victory points, satisfying the Pure Caste, wins the game.

—description from the publisher

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