The Great Wall

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Awaken Realms – Website

The Great Wall is new asymmetric worker / soldier placement with engine building themes and a twist in form of constantly attacking AI (Mongolian Horde), that players will need to sometimes cooperate to defeat. This is new major Board Game from Awaken Realms.

Players will control an ancient clans in China trying to defend invading Mongolian hordes and build a Great Wall. While every player will want to win (by earning VP = Honor) they also need to sometimes cooperate to defend against the hordes. Each clan will be asymmetric through chosen Leader (resource production / starting resources / starting workers and units) and this asymmetry will build as the game progresses (players will hire Advisors with unique skills, often creating unique engines).

The game is divided into 3 main phases: Production, Wall Defense, Wall Building. During the Production phase, players will place orders via cards (face down) at the same time and then decide on their time of execution based on the Tea track (that can be modified). Those Orders will mostly revolve around worker placements on the economical map to gather resources / build armies / get more income or even getting more workers / advisers. Players will need to constantly keep track of different buildings as they will be able to get the result only when all the slots are filled (e.g. others players will put their workers there too).

During the Wall Defense phase, players will order previously produced armies (soldiers, archers and cavalry) on Mongolian Horde cards on 3 different parts of the wall. By placing units they will receive special bonuses (resources or more), that is why the order of placing units is important. If any part of the Wall is breached (Mongolian hordes have bigger power then wall defense), all players suffer negative effects from horde cards.

During the third phase, players will have the possibility to spend any number of resources to build a bigger level of Wall in exchange for victory points.

During the course of the game, players will create their own unique engines based on their clan strengths as well as interact with other players during all phases of the game, trying to get the most Honor points, that can be gained in a lot of different ways.

—description from the publisher

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Cheap Sheep Games – Website

You are an averagely successful criminal in a petty town. You are tired of doing small jobs that only earn stress and scars. You have no hope for a better future. After hearing success stories from gangsters in big cities, you move to Crimopolis and pursue becoming the most prestigious gangster of all time.

Crimopolis is a fast-paced strategy board game about bean-shooters, chippies and dough in a city where nothing counts but underground influence. You recruit criminals, move through the city and explore new areas, execute illicit jobs, ambush others and take over their possessions. Reporters get in the way, but growing skills and abilities balance it.

Players explore a city area by moving gangsters further and further away from their headquarters. Tiles feature streets and city blocks with parks, banks, graveyards, churches, lakes etc. Players assemble gangsters and execute jobs. The trickier the job the more prestige they earn. Taking over other players’ assets also gains prestige as well as end game contributions such as city influence, body count and hidden skills. The player with the highest prestige wins the game.

Crimopolis is a mixture of a Eurogame featuring strategy with multiple winning paths and downplaying luck, and an Amerigame allowing for an immersive 1920s gangster theme with direct player conflict and highly intuitive rules. The game length can be freely adjusted: shorter games increase luck, longer games deepen game plays. The recommended game length balances both and allows for family game nights with players of different ages.

Casual players learn the rules quickly. Hardcore players enjoy the depth of strategy that opens up after a few rounds of the game. There are four winning paths which can be freely chosen, mixed and changed throughout the game, requiring you to adjust your plans if other players have changed their strategies.

—description from the publisher

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Imperium: The Contention

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Contention Games – Website

Experience the world’s first 4X card game with deck customization, area control, and ship movement. Choose from one of six preconstructed decks, or build your own from a complete collection of over 300 cards (no packs, all cards included). It’s 2-4 players, 1-6 players with expansions (Void Scepter Solo Campaign available).

You begin with a homeworld, in a new galaxy created by location cards. Each turn, you can colonize new worlds, move ships, play cards, and battle your enemies. A unique simultaneous turn system eliminates downtime between turns. Streamlined 4X mechanics keep the game fast paced and tensions high. Cards are played simultaneously in secret and revealed at the same time using a bluff mechanic.

There are many paths to claiming the Void Scepter. Your favor represents your Imperial influence. If it reaches 0 you lose. Weaken your enemy’s favor by destroying their worlds, or eliminate them outright by destroying their homeworld. Take the Imperial Capital through force, and use the seat of power to crush your enemy’s favor.

Now is the time! Lead your civilization to new heights and claim the Void Scepter!

—description from the publisher

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Shaolia: Warring States

Rate 4.8



Shaolia is a board game filled with deadly strategy and countless possibilities to build your own kingdom.

  • Build your very own kingdom with various building & character cards
  • Utilize creative tactics to take the lead with highly dynamic game play
  • Dive into the world of Shaolia through fantastic artwork and storylines

There are two ways to win in Shaolia. You can either deal 12 damage to your opponent’s palace and destroy it, or you can achieve 18 culture score.

The game is played through multiple rounds. 
A round consists of 3 different phases.

  • Purchase Phase: Purchase cards and resources.
  • Building Phase: Build the purchased cards on the territory board.
  • Action Phase:  Roll the dice and activate cards built on the territory board, using dice.

—description from the publisher

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Rate 6.9


Big Kid Games – Website

An anomaly has been detected in Sector 1357! Galaxy-wide destruction is assured and you only have 3 cycles to relocate all of the sector’s inhabitants to an uninhabited planet outside of the range of the cataclysmic event! All of the Ambassadors are urging you, the scientists of the Allied Galactic Command, to ensure that the members of their species are being taken care of according to their special needs.

Can you design the best possible city to meet the diverse needs of the Terramorphs, Neridians, Phylons, and Replicons that will seek refuge on the inhospitable planet? If you do, you’ll be hailed as a saviour by the entire sector!

In Complexcity, you plan your city using tiles that show the habitats of the various alien species. When you form Complexes with these City Tiles by enclosing habitats with Transport Tracks, you can use the aliens’ abilities to further develop your city and even influence the various Ambassadors’ Growth Initiatives. At the end of each cycle, you will compare your city to those designed by the neighbors to either side of you and gain Growth Points accordingly. If you have the most Growth at the end of 3 cycles, your plan is used by the AGC to save Sector 1357 and you win the game!

—description from the publisher

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FIEF, the lords miniatures!

Rate 6.8


ASYNCRON games – Website

The idea to create the FIEF Lords’ miniatures has been a dream shared by a lot of FIEF’s fans since few years. This idea required that an alignment of the planets be favorable to become a project. 

—description from the publisher

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Rate 6.9


Memesys Culture Lab – Website

Shasn is a multiplayer strategy board game where every player takes on the role of a politician in the midst of a political campaign. With each turn, players must draw a card and take stands on divisive and urgent political issues.These choices will help them gather resources to influence voters or purchase strategic powers. Players can build diverse Ideologies with every policy decision, to best reflect their beliefs and play style. Building a single political ideology will allow them to unlock powers that can help cement their own positions or destabilize opponents. As they progress in the game, players must choose between sticking to their ideals or molding them as per their needs. In a game of trading, coercion, and strategy, players must do whatever it takes to survive and dominate.

The map is split into 9 zones with each zone having a different voter-count required to form a majority. The player with the highest majority votes – when all majorities are formed – wins the game. To influence voters, players will need unique combinations of the four resources at their disposal – (campaign) Funds, Media (attention), (public)Trust and (street) Clout. At the start of their turn, players must respond to the political dilemma they are faced with – each question has two answers to pick from. The players must try and gauge the ideological bent of each answer, the resources it would grant them and answer accordingly. At the same time, they must try to build a cohesive manifesto to unlock huge powers. 
For instance – giving pro-industry answers will yield Funds, and having 4 Funds answers in your manifesto will allow you to trade resources with the bank. Similarly, building a manifesto with 4 Media answers will allow you to reach out to influence even more voters for the same cost.

Players must constantly juggle with the trade-off of giving answers that grant them the resources they need in that moment or investing in the long term with answers that strengthen their Ideologies to unlock greater combos later in the game.

Players must also navigate the effects of Headlines (triggered by placing votes in volatile zones) and Conspiracy Cards (which can be purchased at any time in the game), providing them with a wide toolset to seize power or throw a spanner in the works for a rival.

Shasn boasts of having no hard RNGs and uses deliberate choice as the core resource gathering and power-building mechanic. As much of the game hinges on political negotiation between players, the gameplay is often aggressive, action-packed and laden with long-term strategy building.

—description from the publisher

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Rate 7.0


Tabula Games – Website

Icaion is an Engine Territory Building, Resource Management eurogame for 2 to 4 players designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Marta Ciaccasassi.

The game tells the story of what is happening in the regions around the giant crystal on the surface of Icaion, the planet below the clouds from which the floating islands of Mysthea detached millennia ago.

If you are a fine strategist and you love indirect conflict between players, you will feel right at home in the frozen regions of Icaion!

The world of Icaion awaits

In Icaion you become a Seeker, an expert adventurer, sent out by the Organization to hunt for treasures, Qoam, relics and artifacts from ancient times.

You will have to lead a convoy to the barren and cold lands surrounding the City bringing back as much as you can.

Once outside you will compete with other Seekers for resources and lands. Sabotage and subterfuge is always expected from the leaders of the rival expeditions.

Beware, in the farthest lands from the City a titanic being lurks,moving relentlessly while spreading an illness all over the world. This Colossus has been a mystery for the people of Icaion and you will inevitably cross its path.

—description from the publisher

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